How much does travelling cost?

About us

My boyfriend and I have taken a fair few extended breaks to discover the world. At times together and at times solo, we have spent months in Asia, Africa, Southand Central America and Europe.

Currently we are travelling through Central America updating our information as we go along. I always like to keep a watch on our budget and have an idea as to how much the next country will cost us,

Having never really found a specific website for this we started one up ourselves. Hoping to make it into a forum so we can all help each other out.

Most of the information here is from our actual costs. Some of it has been given to me by fellow travelers. The hostels in the accommodation section we actually stayed in and can recommend.

Unfortunately prices change all the time, if you are a better haggler than me expect them to be lower!

If we have underestimated for your trip I´m afraid we are not responsible.

What can you add?

If you have found the prices to be different, or want to add anything at all please use the comment boxes available and I will update them.

The main goal would be to create a platform where we can all share information.