How much does travelling cost?

Machu Picchu


Lots of different ways varying in price

4-5 day trek (classic inca trail)

  • Online prices are $500+
  • If booking in Cusco can find much better deals. But if your pushed for time maybe best to book in advance

2 Day trek (Sacred trail)

  • ~ $320
  • An easier walk compared to the classic Inca trail

Train options

  • Peru rail (from Cusco) and Inca rail (from Ollantaytambo) serve Agua Caliente (Machu Picchu town) 
  • One way train tickets cost between $50 -$100
  • We got Inca Rail back, bought last minute tickets on the day and they cost $50
  • Hidroelectrica to Agau Caliente = $25 one way


  • This is the cheapest way to get here but not for the faint hearted. Road is dangerous, areas of landslides, high cliffs, road side cementaries and crazy drivers!
  • Cheapest way total = ~ $12 includes Cusco to Ollantaytambo collectivo, Ollantaytambo to Santa Theresa and then Taxi/Collectivo to Hidroelectrica. Once at Hidroelectrica trek for 2 hours along the train tracks to the town. Once in town next morning walk up to the entrance gate and down after.
  • We did this as an organised tour. Bus from Cusco to Hidroelectrica return, accomodation and entrance tickets for Machu Picchu = $125 (Loki Hostel)
  • Bus from Agua Caliente to Machu Picchu entrance = $10 one way
  • Walk up lots of steps to entrance = Free 


  • Agua caliente double rooms = $30+
  • Cheapest dorm = $10
  • Some companies provide package tours of transport (bus) and accommodation (Check Loki - details above)

Food and drink

  • Basic western plate = $10+
  • Good western plate = $15+
  • Local restaurants =$5 
  • Food and drinks here expensive... Proper tourist trap.


  • Machu Picchu entrance tickets = $40
  • Guide at entrance = $10
  • Machu Picchu passport stamp = Free